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Some of you may or may not know that I used to draw on people. I worked as a make-up artist throughout University (so much more fun than shop work) on various beauty counters including Giorgio Armani, House of Fraser and Lush’s makeup brand ‘B – Never too Busy to be Beautiful,’ before they closed … Continue reading

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Rock ‘n’ Roll and a couple of Drag Queens

I shall, as succinctly as possible, try to fill you in on the varied, roller-coaster happenings of the last fortnight. The week before started with the press conference for the directors of the London Film Festival at the plush Mayfair hotel where I met handfuls of, mostly male, journalists who (bless them) couldn’t restrain their extraordinary wit when asking the small girl … Continue reading

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Music, Myth and Magic: Porcupine Tree at the Royal Albert Hall and Interview with Steven Wilson

It is an inky, electric October evening outside as I’m shuffled through the columned underskirts of the ever-impressive Royal Albert Hall, flanked by the four die-hard fans who brought me whilst being gently pushed up into the rafters by more than five thousand others, all itchy for the concert to begin. We take our seats … Continue reading